We all work well on our own, but we're better as a team.

Veerle Coupé

Veerle Coupé (Chair)

Topics: Mathematical modelling, microsimulation, cancer care and prevention

Hans Berkhof

Hans Berkhof (Co-chair)

Topics: Mathematical modeling, cervical cancer screening

Birgit Lissenberg-Witte

Birgit Lissenberg-Witte (Assistant Professor)

Topics: Advanced survival modelling, quality of life

Marjolein Greuter

Marjolein Greuter (Assistant Professor)

Topics: Decision-analytic modeling, colorectal cancer screening and surveillance

Nienke Alberts

Nienke Alberts (Assistant Professor)

Topics: Infection-related cancer, inequalities, migrant health

Rik van Eekelen

Rik van Eekelen (Assistant Professor)

Topics: Causal inference, survival analysis, dynamic prediction

Thomas Klausch

Thomas Klausch (Assistant Professor)


Birgit Sollie

Birgit Sollie (Postdoc)

Topics: Mathematical modeling, statistics

Astrid Kramer

Astrid Kramer (PhD Student)

Topics: Economic evaluations, biomarkers (ctDNA), colorectal cancer

Eddymurphy Akwiwu

Eddymurphy Akwiwu (PhD Student)

Topics: Statistical methods for multi-state models, colorectal cancer screening and surveillance

Francine van Wifferen

Francine van Wifferen (PhD Student)

Topics: Microsimulation modeling, colorectal cancer, cost-effectiveness analysis

Haoyue Wang

Haoyue Wang (PhD Student)

Topics: Colorectal cancer, cost-effectiveness analysis, microsimulation

Kelsi Kroon

Kelsi Kroon (PhD Student)

Topics: Mathematical modeling, risk prediction, cervical cancer screening

Pieter van der Veere

Pieter van der Veere (PhD Student)

Topics: Alzheimer’s disease, prediction modeling, cost-effectiveness analysis

Stefanie Branquinho da Costa

Stefanie Branquinho da Costa (PhD Student)

Topics: HPV, screening, risk-based

Tara Boute

Tara Boute (PhD Student)

Topics: Colorectal cancer, follow-up, microsimulation, cost-effectiveness analysis

Vanessa García López-Mingo

Vanessa García López-Mingo (PhD Student)

Topics: Multi-state statistical modeling, health economic modeling, colorectal cancer surveillance